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  • Posted in: CGA Members

    The CGA Monthly Update is distributed monthly to more than 1,700 CGA Members. Content is derived from submissions provided by our Members. Do you have a story to tell? Case studies, milestones, announcements and recaps of your damage prevention efforts ... More

  • Posted in: CGA Members

    Congrats to @Kevin Hopper ! Such a deserving award to a great leader and incredible innovator in the damage prevention industry! Our whole team applauds the efforts of Kevin and his team at Dig Safely New York! ​ ------------------------------ Jason ... More

  • Posted in: CGA Members

    For the third consecutive year, the Technology Committee has released its annual Technology Report . The report, "Technology Advancements and Gaps in Underground Safety 2020," serves as a record of progress in technology for the damage prevention ... More

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